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"Tony is a detailed-orientated and tenacious professional. We are working on a number of interesting and profitable initiatives in Estate Planning, as well as with the specialist financial planning needs of dentists, doctors and pharmacists.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony."


“I have worked with Tony on a number of projects & his all round knowledge is second to none. He is a very enlightening person with whom I have the utmost respect. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.”


“In the short time that I have worked with Tony, I have valued his pithy candour, critical objectivity, and innovative business approach. Experienced, knowledgeable and widely read on current affairs affecting our industry, Tony delivers meaningful results with genuine, enthusiastic relish.”


“Tony has recently assisted us with a business continuity plan. This was geared towards the IT service we provide for our customers, so that we can advise our customers. We have since worked on other areas of business development. Great service delivery and a straight talking businessman.”


“Tony is a highly focused and consummate Business Professional. I have known Tony for 3 years and find his approach to business refreshing. A keen Networker and an extremely useful person to be able to bounce ideas off.”


“Tony has always proved to be a true professional bringing a keen eye on business problems as well as sense of humour. I would always be happy to recommend Tony's services to any client needing a seasoned and experienced consultant.”


“I've known Tony for the last five years and in that time he's given me genuinely great advice. Being in business is all about knowing that what you do now will adequately prepare you for the future. Tony has incredible insight and gives me the confidence to feel secure about where our business is going. I highly recommend giving him a call!”


“Tony is a consummate networker and energetic innovator.”


“Tony has many skills and a broad experience that has assisted us greatly already.  He is clearly an expert with high integrity who gets great results.  I would not hesitate to recommend him and will no doubt be using his services in the future.”


"From the time I first met Tony, I was impressed by his vision and passion for the business.  It was immediately clear that he was succeeding with the development of a new and innovative approach to strategic risk management.”


“Tony is one of the most focused people I know.  In a really short space of time he identified a gap in the market and proceeded to fill it.  Typical Tony he skipped small and went national almost immediately!  While we have not worked directly together, I have found him to be a good sounding board particularly with regard to business strategy.”


“Tony and I first met through the IOD whereby he demonstrated his vast knowledge of Business Continuity, shortly after we engaged him to implement our own BCP which has paid dividends in strengthening our supply chain position with our clients; and more importantly has allowed us to be more successful in Public Sector tendering.  Tony is one of the old school; focused, honest, professional and always supportive.”


“Tony is genuinely an expert.  He understands just about everything and manages to use plain English and make it interesting.  I would happily recommend him to everyone as there isn’t a single business in the country that his work isn’t relevant to!”


“Tony is intelligent, pro-active and honourable.  He gives sound, thoughtful, informed and unbiased advice while managing to retain the human touch.”


“Tony is dynamic, amusing and has good business ideas”




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