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Strategy is about describing the future and working out how to get there.  A word of warning though, effective execution is the biggest the single unaddressed issue in British industry today; so having forward-facing accountable management able to exercise authority to fulfil its responsibilities is key to achieving success.


No matter how good the strategy, there will usually be one ‘Make or Break’ thing that has to be executed extraordinarily well.  Even if the strategy is weak, forceful execution can often save the day.  The critical factor will be in understanding the ‘Revenue Value Chain’, which in this case is a series of actions that create value.  Action will create results and your measurable activities in pursuit of them are the leading indicators of progress and success.


Fundamental to that success will be understanding what causes sales to happen and their measurement, which in most cases are:-

·         Sales process (how customers are contacted)

·         Staffing (are there sufficient skilled staff)

·         Estimating and pricing (pitching keenly enough to get the work but remaining sustainably profitable)

·         Distribution (managing your sales force, agents and distributors)

  •   New products or services (what real demand or necessity is there for your idea)

  •   Geography (are there regional differences, transport infrastructure)

  •   Market segments (can your market be segmented)


Understanding what activities cause your ‘Make or Break’ to happen are crucial to achieving the future you’ve described.





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