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Tony is currently working on various projects including:-


  •  advising solicitors on how to make the Legal Services Act work to their advantage

         working with a leading law enforcement agency and the military on counter-terrorism matters including immediate crisis management methodologies and stress testing

         working with a leading youth entrepreneurship charity to improve their commercial offering, de-risking the business and mentoring their executive board

         developing a B2B Smartphone Application for business continuity

         helping a software business refine and expand its service as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution

         collaborating on a dynamic business compliance and outsourced risk management offering

         advising on how a US blue-chip can reintroduce consulting to help sell its financial process management tools as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution in the banking and insurance sectors

         working with a leading incident management house to improve its offering and generate new sales

         advising a major office group on their continuity and disaster recovery products

         developing a commercial B2B networking offering for a major political party

         showing a research and consulting house how to better commercialise its outputs

         helping businesses in various sectors reach standards-based resilience

         working with a large insurance broker and a consolidator to win more business

         advising members of a substantial trade body about risk transfer

         working with a national charity to unify its administration and processes to create more resources at point of delivery

         organising a high-level B2B showcasing conference for the subscribers and contributors of a leading business magazine

         helping to bring a risk profiling product for commercial motor fleets to market

         refining the business case and bringing to market a flood protection system

         contributing articles on restructuring and governance for the Third Sector




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