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Gimple Associates provides practical and non-executive consultancy helping you to define and maintain strategic direction, understand, mitigate and transfer risk, and creating opportunity and value for your commercial offering.


Having a dynamic approach to business is a powerful attribute, and so is being able to recognise that the status quo is in itself a dynamic thing. 


Whatever type of business you have, you face many concealed threats and opportunities.  Being able to visualise or take advantage of them is not always simple, especially when time is at a premium and the economy so tight.


That’s where the processes of Strategy, Risk and Ideation come into play.  By looking at your enterprise as a whole, you’ll discover just how much can be achieved, often with more certainty, and perhaps even saving money along the way.


We work with a range of experts with specialities ranging from the Payments Industry to FSA Compliance to Mobile network integration, IT, Legal, Finance, PR, Defence, Manufacturing and many others.  Our clients encompass the Third Sector, Social Enterprises, start-ups and established businesses all the way through to quoted companies both here and abroad.  Our role is to provide you with unbiased, impartial holistic advice about where you are now, what you want to achieve, and how best to get it.


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